In a field stands a massive building, a disruption to the land. A space filled to the brink with production animals. In it’s shadow lies old tools and machinery, things not to be used nor thrown away. A decaying memory of a different life. But where there is decay the land is the most fertile.

Eva van Wenum is a multidisciplinary artist focussed primarily upon sculptural work, using found objects and natural materials. Growing up on an organic goat farm, has been a major point of inspiration. Motivated by seeing her surroundings change, like the farm land effected by the drought brought upon by climate change. Her work tells a story of a loss of a way of living. A life more based on craftsmanship, attention and understanding of the things you work with. Eva van Wenum’s work has a stillness to it, in it lingers a sense of longing and melancholia, bringing forth a sense of urgency in the decay.


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